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    First and foremost: Do you possess a character on Shinobi Legends? If not, then please continue reading. If you have yet to create a character, then please create one, it's simple! Please also read through the site's wiki to get a firm understanding of the mechanics.
    Please keep in mind that this wiki exists to host pages of interest to Shinobi Legend's roleplayers. It does not exist for pages irrelevant to anything present onsite.

    • Before you start editing, read this FAQ to learn the basics of editing and how to personalize your userpage.
    • Before you upload files to the wiki, please check images already uploaded to the wiki to prevent duplicates. Also, read the policy on uploaded media, Licensing, and the Images policy.
    • If you're experiencing trouble with editing or simply have a question, please visit our forum.
    • If you wish to create an infobox-orientated page, go here, or more specifically one for a character, use the pre-formatted template for relative convenience.

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