Meyumi is a seven year old child of the infamous Uchiha Clan. Disowned and orphaned young, Meyumi is presently in the care of Momma Yomi in Sunagakure. She is noted for carrying around an oversized, stuffed bunny that nearly dwarfs her.

You can't sell Dreams to those who have walked through Nightmares.

— Character Motif



  • Meyu
  • Rabbit Girl
  • Little Pebble





Gender Female Female







Blood type


Kekkei Genkai

Sharingan Triple Sharingan (First Tomoe/Unable to progress)

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Sunagakure Symbol Sunagakure

  • Uchiha Symbol Uchiha
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Ninja Rank

Academy Student


Nature Type

Unique Traits

  • Mute
  • Chakra Defect

  • None

  • Other Other

Bunny Toy

  • Ruby Choker


Meyumi is an orphaned child of age seven. She cannot speak and is illiterate, so it appears she was abandoned at a very young age. Her inability to speak is mutism caused by a birth defect in which she was born without vocal cords, and psychologically she is perhaps incapable of speaking even if her situation were reversed. Meyumi was left on her own and has been forced to do what she can to survive, which has primarily consisted of petty theft and eating berries she finds; this often results in sickness that takes her longer to recover from than most children. She was rejected by her clan because of an infidelity on her mother's part that left them with what they described as a "Half-blood brat and a useless Sharingan." Meyumi's Sharingan supposedly cannot exceed to first Tomoe due to her mixed blood, therefore her parents disowned her before she was old enough to even understand why.

She has no direction, no course in mind; she is basically a blank slate. She keeps a toy bunny, almost half her size, tucked close, though it is clearly weathered much like her clothing. Although not usually visible due to the dirtiness of the toy, there is several seals on its abdomen, back, and legs that Meyumi cannot access, nor does she know what is inside them; considering her lack of knowledge on seals in the first place, however, she believes the "design" is merely part of the rabbit's creation.


Iwagakure would change a lot for Meyumi. When she was found in the forest of some scrap of land, the child was suffering from a severe case of mushroom poisoning and the mild dehydration that went along with it. Dirt smeared her person, berry juice stained her cheeks, and she certainly could not have smelled any better than she appeared, despite her attempts to bathe. Fearful as she was, Meyumi was startled by the appearance of the Tsuchikage, who kindly offered her a helping hand in exchange for the girl's story. Of course, being a mute made it difficult to relay to the older woman just why a seven year old was out wandering on her own and without parents. Drawings in the dirt helped to convey parts of the message, which seemed to encourage Miyuu to take the girl to Iwagakure, where she would be bathed properly, fed a good meal, and even brought to a doctor for her ailment. She invited Meyumi to stay for a time and even helped her clean up her less-than-appealing attire; nothing fancy, but the clothing would suit her better than a dress!

Meyumi recently confirmed that she would like to be considered as the daughter of the Tsuchikage Miyuu. The girl is steadily being taught to write and read, though is having trouble learning to write. Miyuu has also gifted her with a strange but beautiful necklace. During this same period of time, Meyumi was introduced to Yomi, a kunoichi of Sunagakure. Meyumi displayed possessive behavior toward Miyuu at this time and it is currently unknown whether she has accepted Yomi as her second guardian.

While in Iwagakure, Meyumi learned to write her name, but still struggles with the alphabet as a whole.


After a period of time spent alone, Meyumi began to worry for her guardian. Though she stayed in the presence of attendants, who she had grown accustomed to, they couldn't replace the woman who had been a solid figure in Meyumi's life for several months. Intermittently, Yomi would drop by, and it was she who Meyumi saw after what seemed to be almost two weeks without either of her mothers around. Meyumi had been ushered out of the home she grew to love, all her belongings packed away in neat little cases and boxes, and met with Yomi at the gates of Iwagakure. The woman arrived on a bird with gorgeous white feathers and eyes as blue as any sky, but she never said why it was she came to retrieve Meyumi- only that they had to leave. Meyumi, ever loyal, followed obligingly and seemed quite fond of the avian Yomi had arrived on. They took to the sky with brief goodbyes, and the duo was off to the Land of Wind.


Yomi - Meyumi's mother figure, who has adopted her and currently resides with Meyumi in Sunagakure. Meyumi initially appeared hesitant to trust Yomi, but is beginning to attach herself to the woman. Meyumi seems to hold Yomi in high admiration, for reasons unknown.


People fear the dark for the monsters shadows hide. Shadows fear the monsters that walk in the light.

Character Motif

Meyumi is reserved and shy, fearful even, but she warms up to people quickly when kindness is shown to her. She seems extremely frail at her age, and is very gentle. She almost seems to attract animals, perhaps because of her not-yet-tainted innocence, and warm personality, but she fears touching them. This stems from her lack of contact with them, except for observing them from afar, so she refuses to pet or poke at any animal that is not fake, like her rabbit. She seems to like bunnies the most, or maybe deer; she likes how fast both animals are, how cute the baby ones are, and how beautiful they both can be. Meyumi seems to space out quite a bit, being trapped in her own mind since she is unable to speak, and she is quirky in several ways, but she is overall a lovable child. The Uchiha outcast would easily be called a feral child, but she was never "raised by wolves," which is a common misconception of the term.

The young girl is easily embarrassed by her inability to speak when spoke to, so often looks down at her bare feet with an uncomfortable expression. She likes hearing others talk, because she is practically isolated from people unless she enters a village, but she does not enjoy being prodded to respond. Meyumi loves food and can eat so long as there is something in front of her, which is unhealthy for someone as malnourished as she appears to be, but she cannot help herself. The girl is obedient when attached to someone, and to that person she becomes nearly obsessive. Having been alone for a good chunk of her life, she will cling to someone once trusting them enough and it may be difficult to separate one's self from her in any sense. Loyalty is no question, but her mindset is delicate, thus keeping her from feeling abandoned could become a problem.

She also does not seem to like it when others try to take her toy, or try to do anything to it other than just look. Sharing was never taught to her, so she greedily hordes items she deems as her own. The girl is highly emotional and prone to crying without seemingly a reason behind it; in reality, however, she does doubt herself, even at her young age, and is her own worst enemy. After how her parents spoke to her about what kind of "thing" she was, Meyumi often thinks about herself in the same way and it causes her to cry. It hurts, but she seems unable to stop the memories from haunting her. She also tends to cry when conflicted or highly frustrated, as she cannot express herself otherwise.



「伝達」by Mayumi Konno

Meyumi is thin, frail, and very short. She has black hair to her mid-back and bangs across her forehead that hang over her black eyes. Thanks to Miyuu's care, Meyumi's black tresses have been neatly combed and put into place. With a clean face and new clothes, she practically appears to be a new child. Miyuu's kindness allowed the girl clothing that was more appropriate for her outdoor-oriented living situation; with dark blue overalls, a fishnet undershirt and black top, black stockings, and a pair of black shinobi sandals she can move more freely than before. Although still thin, the girl is starting to fill out a bit more in her cheeks due to her habit of stuffing her face when food is nearby. Her bunny companion, however, is never far from her side and is just as clean as Meyumi.

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