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Mind Release is a condensed form of the Karama Clan's Genjutsu Kekkei Genkai, created by Naito through experimentation. Originally, the Kurama Clan Kekkei Genkai gives the user unbelievable genjutsu powers, allowing the user to cast powerful genjutsu which is unbreakable through generic means, though physical pain is usually affective. The genjutsu is so powerful that the user can rarely control its full ability, resulting in the genjutsu affecting the physical world. This let's the user harm or even kill an enemy with genjutsu alone. Another characteristic of the Kakkei Genkai is mental instability, which may manifest itself in an alternate personality, embodying a spirit which resides in the host, a result of the user's inability to control his or her kekkei genkai. At times of emotional turmoil, the inner spirit will control the host and harm anyone, concentrating on the source of the emotional distress. This kekkei genkai only appears once every few generations.

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Mind Release

Through experimentation and careful sealing, Naito was able to restrict his Kurama bloodline and escape insanity. The result was Reiton, or Mind Release. Mind Release currently comes in the two forms: a dense, purple chakra, or a lighter, sky blue chakra. Since Naito has yet to master this style, new forms may appear with time.



The purple chakra can be molded with shape manipulation into weapons, such as a bow and arrow. When a Reiton weapon, such as an arrow, strikes a surface, it will leave residue on the surface, which will spread an cover a circular area directly proportional to the amount of chakra residue. Anything within the area of the circle is under a genjutsu controlled by the user.


The sky blue chakra is more ethereal, and can pass through solid objects. This type of chakra is only affective if it passes through the chakra system of the opponent, whereupon the opponent will be trapped by an extremely powerful genjutsu. Otherwise, it will dissipate a few seconds after severing contact with its source.

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