Honorable Spirits (御魂)






Nature Type


The Mitama are the physical representations of the parts of the soul. There are four standard Mitama which represent a different part of the soul, and have an elementeal affinity associated with it. The Mitama also have the ability to fuse with each-other for a temporary time, to create higher levels of Mitama. The abilities, appearance, and personality depend on the fusion combinations of the basic four. They also inherit the chakra natures of their basic forms.

Basic Mitama

The Basic Mitama are the four parts of the soul. Each have the ability to not only use the justu of their respective element, but also are able to absorb them as well. This makes them suitable for attacking or defending. But this also makes them vulnerable to the elements which they would be weak against. They are also capable of gathering natural energy within them, which can in term be transferred to their summoner to use to enter or remain in Sage Mode.

Ara Mitama


Ara Mitama represents aggression and forcefulness, being the source of valor, anger, passion and other heated emotions. It is the more wild and unnatured of the basic Mitama. His chakra nature is fire. Ara Mitama's main contribution to fusions are strength.

Nigi Mitama

Nigi Mitama represents gentleness and calamity. It is the more joyful and cool-natured of the basic Mitama. Her chakra nature is water. Nigi Mitama's main contribution to fusions is composture and clear-minded being.

Saki Mitama

Saki Mitama represents bountiful growth, bringing aid to love, profit and bounty. Her chakra nature is lightning. Saki Mitama's main contribution to fusions is growth and stability.

Kushi Mitama

Kushi Mitama represents wisdom and truth. His chakra nature is wind. Kushi Mitama's main contribution to fusions is greater state of mind, increasing knowledge, understanding and observations dramatically.
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