Miyamoto Clan

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Miyamoto Clan Kamon

(宮本一族, Miyamoto Ichizoku; Literally meaning "Miyamoto Family")


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Known Members

    The Miyamoto Clan (宮本一族, Miyamoto Ichizoku) or Miyamoto Family (宮本家, Miyamoto-ke) are a family of Warrior Monks  (Fighting Monks/Warrior Priests) from Ishi no Kuni. Many of their techniques revolve around the use of Yin Release techniques and Bukijutsu. Omoikane Miyamoto is the most recent clan head.


Members of the Miyamoto clan are indigenous to the region of the Land of Stone. They were originally disparate families of Yamabushi and shamanists spread out in that area. Eventually, as the Shinobi World  began to grow and villages began to violently spring up, in order to protect their way of life, the Miyamoto family along with several other families (the Umehara-Ke, Uemura-Ke, Sagisawa-Ke, Juuzawa-Ke, Mononobe-Ke, Yomohiro-Ke, Hyakunichisou-Ke, Hatakeyama-Ke, Hinageshei-Ke and the Shinoda-Ke) began forming a formal religious kinship - a clan - named after the motivating Miyamoto family. The Miyamoto clan established their own official sets of egalitarian orders throughout the region's various secular countries and staged coups within each as a group of unified religious military-political agents. Eventually, through the warring states period the clan was able to conquer the smaller, badly governed countries in which they dwelt. Once the conflict concluded the Miyamoto clan was able to establish the "Land of Stone" over a large territory. They were effectively - and still exist today as - a stable religious-Stratocracy. In addition to ruling the country, clan members are wards of various temples throughout Land of Stone's province and parishes. Most notably, in the country's capital where the Grand Temple of Shadow and Light is located.


Members of the clan have developed a curriculum of Hiden techniques know as the Warrior Monk Arts. Using Yin Release, practicioner are able to  channel their Gift of the Hermit Group Chakra (often through generating technique specific seals) to manifest all kinds techniques. In this way they're able to summon, manipulate, or seal spiritual objects like supernatural spirits and/or chakra of all kinds.

Additionally, members have developed considerable skill in their own schools of Bukijutsu; clan members often prefer either Kenjutsu or Naginatajutsu. There are a variety of schools concerning Bukijutsu at different temples in the Land of Stone. Within each school-temple live teachers whose skills with the sword or pole-arm genuinely rival the like of General Mifune of the Land of Iron. This use of these skills is what the Miyamoto-Ke calls "Warrior Monk Arts" A unique form of jutsu that deals with non-physical entities, chakra manipulation and weapon skills to manifest all kinds of Yin Release techniques.(More pictures.)