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|image name=Mizura1.png
|deceased state=Alive
|nature type=Water Release, Wind Release
|affiliations=Zikeus Hōzuki
|partners = Zikeus Hōzuki
|unique traits =
|jutsu = [[File:Nature_Icon_Water.svg|18px|link=Ninjutsu]] <u> '''Water Release Techniques''' </u>, [ Water Release: Water Gun], [ Water Release: Wild Bubble Wave]
|tools = |gender = Male}}<br />'''Mizura''' (ミズラ, ''Mizura'') is a [[Crustacean]], inhabitant of the Silver Trench ''(ギニロドブ'', ''Ginirodobu'' ), and the personal summon of [[Zikeus Hōzuki]].
== Personality ==
Being an amphibian creature, Mizura has a calm nature, rarely rushing into action without thinking about the consequences first. Over time he has developed a very good relationship with his summoner, Zikeus, coming to respect him and being able to perform a variety of [ collaboration techniques] with him.
== Appearance ==
Mizura is a large Crustacean, being as big as a small house, with Crimson caparace and milk-white eyes. His carapace, like that of many members of his species, is very durable and his claws very strong - a feat of great importance in battle.
== Abilities ==
Despite being a bit clumsy, this Crustacean is still a formidable opponent. Due to his species' nature, Mizura has affinity for Water and Wind Release techniques. His armored claws and tail are also a part of his battle strategy.

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