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Nōgyōrigakure Medical Corps

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(農業り隠れの里 医師会, Nōgyōrigakure Ishikai; Literally meaning "Hidden Agriculture Medical Association")


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The Nōgyōrigakure Medical Corps is an organization that was founded by an unknown ninja during the era of when Nōgyōrigakure no Satō was known as Yamagakure.

The Medical Corps acts as one of the three branches of Nōgyōrigakure's military. Shinobi from the village are able to become members of this organization after they receive an official chūnin promotion.


The Medical-nin (医療忍, Iryō-nin) are ninja who specialise in Medical Ninjutsu and use of medical-oriented techniques to heal others.

Becoming a medical-nin requires high intelligence and excellent chakra control. A medical-nin is trained to avoid getting injured in any way, for the reason that if they are injured, then there would be nobody to heal the other members of their team. Medical-nin accompany other ninja on high ranking missions to increase the success rate of the mission and overall survival rate of the squad.


Medical-nin make use of the Mystical Palm Technique — a technique used to heal comrades and can also be used in surgery. It allows them to make precise incisions and then doubles as a means to heal a wound. For more serious injuries, multiple medical-nin can combine their efforts with techniques such as the Healing Resuscitation Regeneration Technique, which uses a portion of the patient's own body as a medium to help the healing process.


Registered Medical-nin of Nōgyōri

Medical-nin Students of Nōgyōri


  • The symbol for the Medical Corps is the kanji for "medicine" (医), wrapped in two circles.