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The Nara Clan within Konohagakure is characterized by its manipulation of shadows, particularly the shadow possession technique. This clan, while reduced in numbers, is also considered rather bright in comparison to many, required often times in the successful utilization of the shadow manipulation techniques.

Each bloodline Nara also possesses a connection with their shadow in a unique way, allowing them to have a sensory connection to it. This allows them to determine if an opponent is trapped or if shadows connect without visual confirmation.

The clan also owns a forest area within Konoha that contains the clan's various deer, all tended by members of the clan. These are considered sacred to the clan, but strangely are a favorite food item of several species of dragons. The Nara clan currently is headed by Jestar "Holrew" Nara, and possesses a large variety of members who specialize in more than just their shadow manipulation. Within the Nara Forest is also the Nara Hideout, within which Eric creates and furthers the Clan's techniques.

Nara Clan Techniques
Shadow Imitation Technique
Shadow Imitation Shuriken Technique
Shadow Neck Bind Technique
Shadow Gathering Technique
Shadow Sewing Technique
Shadow Hell Technique
Black Spider Lily Technique
Gate of Shadows Technique
Shadow Migration Technique
Shadow Cursed Manipulation
Cursed Shadow Manipulation
Shadow Imitation Hidden in the Leaves Technique
Shadow Surface Walking Technique
Shadow Smokescreen Technique
Shadow Pressure Palm Technique
Shadow Imitation Sensing
Physical Extraction Technique
Nara Clan Members (registered and in Konohagakure)
Jestar "Holrew" Nara [Leader]
Raisan Nara

Alucard Nara

Defined Nara NPC gatekeepers of Konoha

Kageri Nara
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