• Redhead Gypsy [赤毛のジプシー]



Astrological Sign Scorpio October 31


Gender Female Female


Chaotic Neutral




  • Senju Symbol Senju
  • Uzumaki Symbol Uzumaki

Nature Type


Casual Theme


  • Summoning Contract - Butterflies
Nephthys is alive & well currently roaming villages in her nomadic nature.



There isn't much said to Nephthys's background aside from being born from an Uzumaki father & a Senju mother. Some whisper that her childhood years were filled with a possible tough love type of discipline which forged her atypical personality. All one really does know is that Nephthys has always been on the move, developing the title of Redhead Gypsy ( 赤毛のジプシー ).

Character Info


Nephthys holds a sweet yet sadistic personality with an overall nomadic nature. She loves wandering to new locations discovering various foods and cultures with each village occasionally jotting down different things she learns in a hidden black notebook. This attributes to her favorite pastime being people watching. She is not generally a social creature, as she has spent more time watching versus actually interacting. In the social settings Nephthys can either come off sweet & shy, or logical & sadistic. This generally will depend on the person whom she is interacting with and the overall topic. Nephthys prefers to think things out before acting which can cause a slight hesitation in her decision making. This doesn’t change however that if Nephthys does become cross, what lengths she will go into torturing said individual(s) who chose to kill her mood.  


Nephthys Eyes
Nephthy’s frame is 162 cm in height and weighs roughly 61.2 kgs. She holds a slender lean muscle frame with curvaceous hips and a well proportioned chest size. She has heterochromatic irises, one powder blue the other glacier blue. Her curly locks are chest length and a deep maroon, which she typically wears pinned up in a bun usually with a few curls framing her feminine features.

When wandering she wears a floor length black cloak with gold trim that exhibits her naturally feminine lean frame and the hood typically covers her facial features stopping right above the nose leaving her multi-colored hues out of sight. For jewelry she wears bangle like earrings and bracelets that clink akin to soft small chimes in the wind when she walks without care to being seen.