Registrar office door

Entrance within the great cleft of the walls.

Within the cleft between the Great Cliffs of Sunagakure, just before reaching the Main Bazaar. lies the office of registration for the village. Connected to the guard stations through out the walls of the village, through a series of hidden tunnels within said structure, this office serves as the hub for those who seek admittance to the village. Those visiting may attain a temporary pass to enter the village, fill out immigration forms, and find information about the historical sites of Sunagakure. The main registrar is an overly tall woman by the name of Utagai. With her skill and attention to detail, the comings and going of the village are carefully documented. Daily, the registrar severs her village well in the roll of coordinating the lines of communication between the guard stations and the office of Kazekage. Be informed though, the woman is a chronic chain smoker and one might wish to leave the door to the office open for the sake of providing fresh air flow.

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