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  • Chio Uchiha
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A steel Katana that Chio stole from his mother when he ran away. The sword is stored in Chio's pocket dimension along with his other sword Mizukami. Upon channeling elemental chakra into the sword, the Katana gains various abilities.

Doton Channeled in

Upon Doton chakra being channeled into the sword, a thick layer of rocks will surround the hilt of the blade, and extend up to the wielder's forearm.

Fuuton Channeled in

Unknown at the moment.

Katon Channeled in

Unknown at the moment.

Mokuton Channeled in

Upon Mokuton chakra being channeled into the sword, a large amount of thick roots sprout from the bottom of the blade's handle and spiral up the user's forearm. The roots spiralling around each other for design purposes, the roots being made out of mokuton causing them to be more durable than average wood. The user also can manipulate the roots to an extent, mostly using them to shoot forward a short distant to impale a target.

Raiton Channeled in

Upon Raiton chakra being channeled into the sword, surging electricity coats the blade and the wielder's legs, giving them a slight boost in speed and also increasing the natural cutting force of the sword, letting it slice through things easier. The sword also leaves behind a trail of yellow [or black] light depending on the type of raiton channeled into it.

Suiton Channeled in

Upon Sution chakra being channeled into the sword, the sword will begin rapidly dripping water off of the blade. The water can be used for various things since its plain old water, it can be used in suiton techniques or flung at the opponent like a whip from a swing of the sword while it's dripping.

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