This jutsu is property of Amegakure and it's use is only for approved shinobi of Amegakure and select others.

Any others who use or claim to know of this jutsu may be voided in-game. Those who edit themselves as a user (either on their own character page or on this page) will be removed as one within due time.


A kunoichi using Paper Ninjutsu

Paper Ninjutsu
(紙忍術 | Kami Ninjutsu; Literally meaning "Paper Ninja Techniques") refers to a field of techniques which specialize in the utilization of paper. Users mold and shape their chakra into small pieces of paper, which they can then manipulate freely in a variety of ways.

It happens to be one of the signature styles of Amegakure shinobi, as it originated and is taught there. Due to this, only nin who are of the village are taught this style. Therefore, it can be classified as a Hiden style.


As stated before, usage of this style relies heavily on small sheets of paper. Users usually have a small carry-on bag filled with paper for usage of the techniques alone. Heavy users are more inclined to carry two or more bags. Advanced users though, are able to form and produce paper from their body in the same way which Wood Release users can spawn wood. This is shown heavily in the usage of the Dance of the Shikigami. Paper can also be formed and change colors to blend into it's surroundings.

Ninjutsu Icon Paper

Paper Ninjutsu Symbol

Paper Ninjutsu can be very resilient and durable. Water is known to be very ineffective against it. Fire techniques can even become easily overpowered by it. Certain techniques can even turn the paper as sharp as a blade, and hard as steel. This is all due to the effects of chakra being kneaded into the paper itself. Though, paper ninjutsu can be very susceptible to liquids with heavy viscosity (such as oil) and can prevent the paper from folding and forming.

Skilled users are known to not only use normal paper, but also explosive or sealing tags. These items, combined with the free-form and control of this style, can make a mightily tough opponent.

Official Users

Any "users" who are not on this list and claim to use any form of Paper Ninjutsu are to be voided.


  • The word kami, which means paper, shares the same meaning as god or divine. This is a play on Amegakure's divine motif.
  • Kami Ninjutsu is commonly abbreviated as kamijutsu.
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