Perfect Chakra System






Literal English

Perfect Pressure Points (Chakra Points)


Appears in

Game only


Known Wielders

Unlike other people, those born with this kekkei genkai have oddly shaped internal chakra systems, which maximize chakra output power and control. This allows them to easily use jutsu and manipulate their bodies as well as their surroundings, as long as doing so is within the realm of reason. The users of these Kekkei Genkai have distinguishable natural red eyes, with black lines circling the irises that dilate during stage 2 techniques.

Stage 1

The first effect of the kekkei genkai is technically achieved via being born, as the being from the start to end of their life has an odd chakra system that would look alien to a person with the Byakugan. This weirdly shaped system seems to increase outputs and control to unnatural levels when the kekkei genkai is mastered unthinkable for normal people. This makes it so high leveled jutsu can be performed without using too much chakra, and even steps to doing these jutsu can be skipped, one hundred hand-seals shortened to just one motion.

Stage 2

Around the time the user of the kekkei genkai comes of age, the kekkei genkai matures as well. Before this it is rather hard to even tell if the person indeed has a kekkei genkai or if they are just naturally gifted. The effects of the second stage manifest as an ability to control the reality around you, seen as manifesting as control of time for Kyutu. It is unknown if it would have the same effect for everyone, as Kyutu is the only known person alive with this bloodline limit. It is also unknown if this is the last stage of the evolution of this kekkei genkai.

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