Poison Release

Poison Mist






Literal English

Poison Style


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Known Wielders

Poison Release (毒遁, Dokuton; Viz "Poison Style")


A standard Poison Release specialty with the effects being mostly basic paralysis or affecting motor skills and senses. Typically seen in non-Otogakure shinobi.

Otogakure Dokuton

Is a secret technique (Hiden) thought to have originated within Otogakure, by the Shodai Otokage Taumaster. The basic premise of the technique, being the distribution of various poisons, through different means. The poison can be manipulated in many forms; such as gas or a liquid, but never a solid. The effects of the poison seem to vary from user to user and produce the following effects, but not limited to; attack on the vitals, and other medical deficiencies. It would seem, that once mastered, it may even be used to "eat away" at the infected persons chakra, thus preventing them from utilizing jutsu, and eventually death once it eroded away the whole chakra network. Some key similarities of all the techniques, is the purple color of the produced attacks, and the immunity to Dokuton based moves by the user. This provides a subtle hint, that like Ototon, if around it enough, an immunity may be built up to it.

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