Premonition of the Insane






Sein no Yokan

Literal English

Premonition of the Insane


Appears in

Game only



Jashin Symbol Hiden, Hōgenjutsu, Genjutsu




Short to Mid range

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  • Angra Mainyu
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This technique auto-activates when Angra Mainyu is placed under the effect of a genjutsu, resulting in the crimson-red markings on his body to emanate a haunting glow before bursting, blinding those nearby in the dazzling spread of red light, and inducing this rather unique genjutsu on them; those affected by Angra Mainyu's Verg Avesta, even if they do manage to escape the boundaries of his marking's glow, will be induced with this genjutsu. The only way to possibly break free of this technique's binding power would be to render one's self unconscious. Other than fulfilling the prerequisite of this technique, it cannot be utilized under normal circumstances.

The affected are immediately trapped within Angra Mainyu's subconsciousness, suffering severe mental trauma from the emanating howls and curses of those both slain and absorbed inside of him. Images of the most grotesque (gruesome-wise) horrors imaginable will repetitively flood the affected's mind, until the genjutsu is ultimately broken.

The starting penalty is five. Life penalty, body penalty, freedom penalty, fame penalty, fortune penalty. Give the penalty that extends so much punishment, mud, darkness and malice. Elimination of human rights by castration, exile, execution. Torture and sadism upon the body through digestion. Denial by consensus of the colony that eliminates all honour. Scorn from judgment and selfishness that takes away men's fortunes." death penalty penal servitude imprisonment custody fine penalty, crime from a grudge, crime from self-interest, unconscious crime, self-conscious crime, civil war, inducement, false statement, theft, robbery, kidnap, suicide, rape, arson, bombing, violation, negligent homicide, mass violence, death at work, overconfident accident, know the penalty to reform crimes. People's kindness is here. There is so much it cannot be noticed. Know the violence to hide crimes. Know the power to hide crimes. People's malignance is here. It is so rare that it is noticed. A hundred kindnesses and one malignance. Malignance shines bright to keep the balance and exists as a great "evil" to compete with the masses of kindness. The starting penalty is five for self for self for self for self for self for self for self for self for self for self for self for self for self for self for self inducement, false statement, theft, robbery, kidnap, suicide, rape, arson, infringement, dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty you are dirty atone atone atone atone atone atone every violence every crime every victim atone atone atone with death!!!!!!

— The verse-cycle burned into the memory of those under the genjutsu's-influence.

As the vision begins to fade upon the technique's ending, roughly several minutes from when the technique was instigated, those affected would feel as though they were being consumed mud, stealing away at their body warmth mercilessly; all five of their senses would be horrendously deterred as to lead them into a state of utter confusion, with the verse they had suffered in having recited time after time impelling them to despair, and believe that the darkness birthed by the technique would never fade, but haunt them for an eternity. Notably while the affected have their psychological health deteriorated by the technique, Angra Mainyu may move in for the kill, as they're rendered entirely defenseless throughout the activeness of the genjutsu.