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Renge'en Ashura, last living Junton user

The Purity Release (純遁 - Junton) or also known as The Holy Fire, is a Kekkei Genkai belonging to the Renge'en Clan (蓮華炎一族 - Renge'en Ichizoku) from Sakuragakure, that takes the form of a translucid fire that can appear at will and be controlled by the user. What makes it different from regular Fire Release is it's ability to absorb and change the nature of chakra that enters in contact with it. It makes it a powerful weapon against ninjutsu of any type and protects the user from genjutsu but the strongest ones. Water and Ice release diminish it's power. Purity Release is mainly focused on Yang Chakra and tied to the user's spirit. The purer it is, the strongest their Purity Release will be. It is also linked to the soul of the user. The Purity Release is weaker and/or innefective on a person who has a dark soul. Because of the connection to one's soul, the eyes of the users of this ability are inherently golden, just as the flames they wield. When furious or ready to attack, one can have a glimpse of the Holy flames burning within the eyes of the user.

Renge'en Ten'ou, first Junton user

It can also be used as a way to allow the user to watch a certain area where the Purity Seal is planted on. It can also be transferred to people and objects, allowing the user to observe and even control the Flames from the distance. Another rare ability of the Renge'en clan and associated with Junton is the Third Eye of Maya, that is an extrasensorial trait that grants keen chakra and emotion sensoring. It's extremely rare and only appears on those who are pure enough to be fully attuned to the Holy Fire.



Young Ashura using Purity Release

Junton takes the shape of a flame because of the biblical conotation of fire. It's descripted as "the chosen symbol of the holiness of God ( Exodus 3:2 ; Revelation 2:18 ), as indicating "the intense, all-consuming operation of his holiness in relation to sin.". This is why Junton is said to have exorcism and purifying habilities.

It's also a reference to the vedic deity Asura, often associated with fire, war and destruction.

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