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Raikage hat
The Raikage (雷影; Literally meaning "Lightning Shadow") is one of the five great Kage and leader of Kumogakure. They are generally known as the strongest in the village. Throughout the history of Kumogakure, the Raikage has always had a tag-team partner, who not only brings out the Raikage's full power, but defends them as well. The partner is given a nickname. The Raikage works inside a central blue structure inside Kumogakure.

List of Raikage

Shodai Raikage


JinEchizen, the First Raikage.

Ryūzaki Jin
Echizen Jin was considered a laid back person, not known to get angry or annoyed. He was also known for being a proud person by nature. But aside from all that, he was incredibly skilled with his usage of Dragon Fighting Style, an advanced stage in Taijustu. Records also state that he had the ability to summon forth dragon to aid him as well as becoming one with the creature; becoming what others call a Dragon Sage.

Nidaime Raikage

Raiken 2

Raiken, the Second Raikage.

Raiken was a very reserved leader. He was one to fight with destructive powers and attempt to overwhelm an opponent. He also was not political in any way and seemed to only want the title for the power that came with it. His signature move was after his name, Raiken (lightning fist); similar to Raikiri except more explosive. Another thing he possessed was a unique bracelet that amplified his power as he was never seen without it.

Sandaime Raikage


Raifudo, the Third Raikage.

Raifudo Makashi 
Raifudo was considered be a pessimistic man, living the life of a hermit at times. He cared little for emotional attactments and chose to make Kumogakure a more netural village if anything. A man who had no equal, not only held the Kyuubi for two years within his body but also was a master of Raiton; able to create Denki, an advanced form of Raiton that was soundless and invisible to the naked eye.

Yondaime Raikage


Tetsujin, the Fourth Raikage.

Description here.

Godaime Raikage


Zenaku, the Fifth Raikage.

Zenaku Mibu
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Koji, the Sixth Raikage.

Rokudaime Raikage

Main article: Suishou Koji

Suishou Koji is a man of peace; one that does not strive for conflict unless absolutely necessary. He is most notable to being adviser and Elder to Yondaime Hokage before coming to Kumogakure. Being a master of the Rasengan and all it's aspects along with baring a set of Byakugan eyes, he is known to be incredibly dangerous at close range. Along with the Yondaime Raikage, Koji is also a former criminal of the land; being once apart of the Akatsuki and a missing-nin to Kirigakure.

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