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Ichiraku Ramen
Ramen Ichiraku (ラーメン一楽, Rāmen Ichiraku) is a small restaurant in Tenryūji, which serves ramen. It was originally established in Konohagakure, though along with the other native culinary hot-spots was relocated to its present location. It is still owned by Teuchi, and is situated on multiple tiers of the city as a successful franchise, though he only manages it while having an army of employees run the numerous branches under his ownership.

In addition to those in Tenryūji, there are two branches situated in Kirigakure.


The interior.

The main entrance connects to a foyer, which branches off into the dining area, the kitchen, the staff room and the lavatory. The dining area is connected to the kitchen over a counter, with numerous stools positioned in front of it, and plenty of seats and tables across the room. The staff room has a table and numerous chairs surrounding it.

In the second branch in Kirigakure, the walls are soundproofed and laden with chakra-disruption tags, rendering virtually everything inside unknown to external observers. A teleportation pad is concealed underneath the retractable floor, surrounded by chakra-disruption tags to prevent it from being sensed.

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