editRanketsu Yuri

(フローゼン・リリー・オーキッド, ランケツ)

  • Ice Queen of the Mist





Gender Female Female



Blood type


Kekkei Genkai




Godaime Mizukage

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Seven Swordsmen of the Mist Symbol Seven Swordsmen of the Mist


Ninja Rank Mizukage
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Nature Type


Ranketsu is an unnaturally pale woman, which goes right along with her personality at times - however, only the skin of her neck and up is exposed. Her facial expression tends to remain a uniformed look of subtle incredulity, more often than not having one eyebrow perked up.

There is a noticeable scar that runs from the middle of the left side of her jawline all the way to the upper-middle of her forehead, straight over her left eyelid.  


long onyx hair is another key feature to her person, for while it is more often than not in a ponytail that runs down to the middle of her back, there still is much that crowds her face as bangs. Over her hair she usually wears her Mizukage hat, proudly donning it on the daily.

The remainder of the woman's body is wrapped tightly in a thin bandage wrap thoroughly all over her person. Over the semi-mummified body is a cobalt-blue kimono whose lower half is covered by granite-colored hakama with the ka

nji for Water (Mizu) embroidered on the left hip. She wears a sort of utlity belt that has many attachments - with miscellaneous scrolls on the front and back. On either side attached to the belt are two katana - one side has a long daito in a white sheathe and a regular katana in a silver sheath - the opposing side has a long daito in a black sheath and a regular katana in a silver sheath. On the back of her belt she usually carries jugs full of water.

Despite being so heavily adorned with miscellaneous items, and despite the lack of layers, she has two armored shoulder guards on either shoulder as well as a pair of black gloves on at all times.


Once a rather childish and foolhardy tomboy of a girl, grown into a foolhardly nin of Kirigakure, and evolved into the Mizukage she is today; Ranketsu is a stern yet loving woman who would stop at nothing to protect those precious and dear to her, which stands as every denizen of Kirigakure. She puts her nation before her every step of the way, and does everything in her power to please those around her. She does whatever she believes is best for Kirigakure, and will stop at nothing to get stronger.

Ranketsu maintains a rather semi-serious semi-jovial expression throughout the day, leaking neither a full smile nor frown fully. When threatened, she responds rather neturally. When she feels Kirigakure is threatened, however, she responds with the utmost hostility applicable. At times, post-psychotic.

In battle, the Mizukage can be seen as a calm and analyctical type who lets almost no mistake occur in her planning phases. She doesn't let the blood rush to her head, nor will she ever scream and shout. While highly rambunctious at times of believed safety, each move will have a degree of intellect and reason put behind it.


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