editReina Senju


(千手麗奈, Senju Reina)

  • Kurōn (クローン, Clone)
  • Kichō (貴重, Precious)

Voice Actors


Sachika Misawa



Astrological Sign Gemini May 24


Gender Female Female



Eye Color


Hair Color


Blood type



Neutral Good

Kekkei Genkai




College Student


  • "Kirigakure" is not in the list of possible values (Allied Shinobi Forces, Akatsuki, Root) for this property.
    Kirigakure Symbol Kirigakure
  • "Uzushiogakure" is not in the list of possible values (Allied Shinobi Forces, Akatsuki, Root) for this property.
    Uzushiogakure Symbol Uzushiogakure


Kirigakure Symbol Kirigakure


Uzushiogakure Symbol Uzushiogakure


Ninja Rank


Jōnin Prom. Age





  • Jamanta Yuki

Nature Type

Unique Traits

  • Naturally high chakra pool
  • High durability and stamina
  • Excellent chakra control
  • High Speed Regeneration


Casual Theme

  • Childrens Domain
Sad Theme

  • Alone-Kahori
Battle Theme

  • 23
Serious Battle Theme

  • Silvery-Wings
Voice Sample

  • Reina-Voice





  • Long-sleeved Pinstripe Shirt
  • Short Skirt
  • Knitted Scarf
  • Black knee-high sandals







Medical Ninjutsu

Delicate Illness Extraction Technique


Hyūga Symbol

Nature Icon Earth

Earth Release: Earth Corridor

Nature Icon Water

Water Release: Snake's Mouth

Nature Icon Wind

Wind Release: Gale Palm

Nature Icon Wood

Reina Senju (千手麗奈, Senju Reina) is the female clone of Hagoromo Gitsune, serving as her representative when it comes to some delegations and missions. She has been allowed to roam free by her creator with the aim to let her discover more about the shinobi world.


Made to be Gitsune's "perfect" duplicate, Reina looks like a teenage version of her creator. Despite standing at only five foot one, she has a graceful figure, her form almost that of her original's when she was in her younger years. She has the same pale complexion and long, black hair that reaches the middle of her back. Unlike Gitsune, this clone's eyes have a bright violet hue and only transforms into pupil-less whites when her Byakugan is activated.

Gitsune marked Reina as her own, and has キツネ-1 tattooed at the back of her right ear. As a way to track her down wherever she is, Reina is implanted with a tracking seed at the base of her neck; removing it will be terribly painful for her.

Reina likes wearing long-sleeved blouses and short skirts, her getup almost akin to those sailor fuku uniforms. On ordinary days, she would settle for simple shirts and pants. She seems to prefer wearing sandals, saying that she likes to feel close to the earth. A knitted scarf would always be wrapped around her neck, saying that she often feels cold without it.


Reina is often quiet and will only speak if asked. Her innate curiosity is often coupled with the tendency to analyze the things around her. She seems to have inherited her creator's willingness to learn. She may appear naive at times, clueless even, though behind the innocent expression, Reina's brain is working non-stop. Even though she possesses wisdom beyond her years, she does not show this outwardly and humbly admits that she still has a lot to learn. She is, however, not easily fooled.

Gitsune's clone is independent and readily took on the task on being her creator's double in some tasks. As young as she is, it would be expected that she would back out, but despite the risks, she went out into the world and faced it head-on. Reina also has a mischievous side to her, finding amusement in the simplest of things.

Unlike her creator, she is much easier to approach and is friendly to other people, though sometimes, her quiet attitude makes them uneasy. Even if she was like this, Reina can be sarcastic and sharp-tongued when her anger is provoked. Ironically, if she does let out dagger-like words, she would profusely apologize for her outbursts afterwards.



There was a phase in Gitsune's life when her curiosity for the unknown got the best of her. Knowing that a shinobi was capable of pushing themselves to indefinite limits if they tried hard, she challenged herself to make her entire system better; meaning it will perform far better than that of a normal person. Thus, her secret experimentation with the human body began.


Gitsune doing studies

She gradually began to set up a lab within her home, expanding it to the point that their house space was not enough as her experimentation broadened. It also made her wife, Jamanta, wonder what she was doing behind closed doors. She pretended to stop her work, only to relocate her laboratory somewhere else in the village, hidden from the eyes of other people. In time, her facility grew that Gitsune began to call it the Senju Nursery.

All these time, the woman had been experimenting on herself, at the cost of her own safety which was a large risk. Thinking that she might harm herself in the process, she tried to think of another way to create something new without her resorting to harming herself or any other person. Idea struck when the female was walking around in Kirigakure one day and saw twin girls happily walking hand in hand with each other.

She changed her plans; which now aimed to create a copy of herself, a "perfect" duplicate.

Trial and Error

For countless days and nights, Gitsune studied and worked on creating this clone; she used her DNA as a base and worked her way up slowly, but failed each time. The repeated failures got frustrating that she almost resorted to mixing animal DNA into her experiment, creating less desirable results that was scrapped in the end.

The woman started to trace back her steps to review them once more, finding out that there was something missing in her quest to make new life. Her clone would have to be created like any other child there is; it needed not just a "mother", but also a "father"... and Gitsune knew she had a good candidate for that. Without letting her spouse know her 'other' intentions, she made love to Jamanta one night and successfully acquired samples of her DNA which would then become the "paternal" DNA for her clone. It almost amused Gitsune, for in some way, this clone would technically be their child.

With the missing DNA now solved, the woman went back to her experiments to try again. The results still garnered failures but she knew that she was getting close to achieving success. Months have passed and it was during early one morning when Gitsune dozed off from exhaustion of staying up late to wait on the results of one test did the miracle happen. She woke up to the sound of a warning sound coming from one of her equipment, seeing on the screen the image 'Success 100%'. Scrambling over to the growth pod where she had the test, there she saw the beginnings of a new life, hearing its heartbeat loud and clear on her monitors.

During the months that came, Gitsune diligently watched over the growing clone, monitoring every vital sign round the clock. Slowly, from an embryo to a fetus until it grew into a normal child, the woman was there to witness it all, like a mother to her offspring.


Once the clone grew to the size of a three-year old in the growth tank, it showed signs of being vulnerable as Gitsune tried to immunize it with various injections. At first, she thought it was just because of the foreign bodies being introduced in its body, but it turned out that its immune system was very weak and cannot fight even the most common of diseases. Not willing to give up, the female extracted the still slumbering clone and began to work on its internal system.

Gitsune delved deep into her clone's DNA and started to isolate the weak genes, programming them to become recessive so they do not manifest later in the clone's life. However, this proved to be a hard task and the woman had to think of a new way to battle this disadvantage. She rummaged through her old notes and research materials once more to find a solution, until she stumbled upon the notes she got from her half-sister about accelerated healing. Seeing it as a possible solution, she sought out the medic-nin and shared with her sibling her plans on making a clone.

At first, Silence was uneasy about the woman's thinking, for she was already meddling with nature. It took a number of persuasions before the older of the females agreed.

More to Come.



  • Reina's name roughly means 'pure' or 'clean'.
  • Reina addresses Gitsune as her 'mother' (お母さん, Okāsan), though this was not the initial case. The girl once referred to the woman as 'creator' (創造者, Sōzō-sha).
  • Despite being described as a "perfect" clone, Gitsune admits that there is one flaw when Reina was born; her body temperature is lower than that of a normal human being, so she often feels cold, thus the need to wear the knitted scarf Gitsune gave her.
    • Because of this, Gitsune had Reina sign the summoning contract for Ifrits out of this amusing idea of them providing the teenager the warmth she needs.
  • According to Gitsune's personal notes:
    • She can communicate with Reina via a mental link using the tracking seed.
    • Reina's hobbies include reading books and scrolls and gardening.
    • Reina wishes to fight her 'mother' and her 'aunt'.
    • Her favorite foods are Yakiniku and Takifugu.
    • Her favorite phrase is "Scattered clouds, Disappearing mist" (雲散霧消, Unsan Mushō), which means 'Disappear without a trace'.
  • Reina coincidentally shares the same sexual preference as her creator, favoring females over males.
  • Unknown to Reina, she has two other 'siblings' that are still in suspended animation inside of her creator's laboratory.


  • (After coming out of her growth pod) "People thought making clones was an impossible dream, but see here. I am the living proof that it is indeed possible."
  • "I may not have lived for years, I may look young, but I have the mind of my mother... and my mother is a wise kunoichi. Do you think I will be fooled by just that?"
  • (Before leaving) "It is better to leave the nest, spread your wings and know what it means to fall and fly than to stay forever in fear under the shadow of the mother hawk."
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