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Ripper Release



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Rippārirīsu [Ripper Release] is a Nature Combination Kekkei Genkai comprized of the blending between both Lightning and Wind Elemental Chakra,and grants the user the ability to achieve unbelievable speeds and power. Examples of this are moving at a high speed,breaking the sound barrier and allowing for both elements to be released through Taijutsu. It also grants the ability to see things slower than they actually are. This essentially makes Ripper Release users invulnerable to Taijutsu. This combination of elements working in tandem creates a white vial of wind and electricity that circles around the user to show it active. The consequences of excessive use of this jutsu or incorrect balance of both elements can burn out multiple tenketsu, create cuts on one's person and even break multiple bones bythe great force which is emitted as they move thou the previous being caused by an incorrect balance of nature chakra. Those with the correct balance must also step with caution as excessive use will crack the multiples bones as well from the strain put upon them.


Rippārirīsu [Ripper Release] is made by Lightning Chakra being used to electrically stimulate the user's nervous system. The single element speeds up neural synapses to react faster, and to push physical prowess to the absolute limit, allowing for tremendous raw speed. While Wind Elemental Chakra is then released from all the multiple tenketsu located near the skin allowing the user to jettison themselves in any direction, the wind chakra reducing one almost weightless and eliminating all wind resistance. The ripping of the air and cracking of electricity can be heard as the user attacks and moves

This amazing feat of speed and strength allows one to even break the sound barrier. The Ripple caused by moving at this speed causes all objects around the user to be blown away the very wind whipping around causing tremendous damage to anything within the vicinity. A single punch launched close range will break the sound barrier and release a vortex of wind and lightning upon the enemy frying anything it touches.

Moving at such a tremendous speed the user's of Ripper release can build up friction, heat and electricity lighting the very area they run around aflame. Once started the flame follows them tracking the moving vacuum of wind they set, when delivered with a kick or punch this fire release a explosion from the mass collection of heat,friction,and wind built up forward exploding what it comes into contact with. 

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