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Kekkei Genkai

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Edo Tensei
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Iwagakure Symbol Iwagakure


Ninja Rank


Nature Type


  • Nature Icon Earth Earth Release Techniques

Earth Release Shadow Clone

Nature Icon Fire Fire Release Techniques

Roshi was an older gentleman hailing from Iwagakure. It was there where he mastered both Katon and Doton ninjutsu. However, his main battle prowess was using his Yōton techniques to inflict massive damage. Unfortunately for Roshi, he along with many others were rounded up in order to bolster the Yondaime Otokage's Edo Tensei army. Roshi was originally captured by Aokawa, but deemed fit enough to take a place as a zombie himself, and was promptly killed and revived.

Lava Release

Yōton was the pinnacle of all Roshi's abilities and his trump should the battle become increasingly difficult. His mastery over the element is top notch, as he is able to produce molten rocks, quicklime, and a rubber like substance. All the various shapes are derived from his bloodline limit.


After being revived, the Yondaime Otokage implanted a single sharingan eye into the newly formed zombie. The eye is capable of reaching the third tomoe.

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