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Rune Blade







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Rune Blades


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A set of five giant swords made of pink crystal that are imbued with a threefold set of sealing techniques.


The blades' origins are currently unknown. They were seen in use by a possessed Harumaya when she was made to protect Serean's Titan from Nathan, Genesis Uzumaki, Hagoromo Gitsune, and Saiteki Misumi. Upon her defeat, the blades returned to their respective dimension. It is said that there is a summoning contract for the items, though the whereabouts are unknown.


The blades are rather large, roughly the same length as the Kubikiribōchō. They are made of an ancient pink crystalline cutting edge with a unknown blackened metal as the base for their growth. The metal and crystal have formulae embedded within them.


The giant blades can be used like a normal two-handed blade for slashing, piercing, and cutting but require immense strength and endurance to wield them by hand. They can be used through chakra threads to bypass their weight. However, in order to unleash their true ability, the blades must pierce into their target in order to activate the sealing formulae that lie dormant within the blades. The 1st and 2nd layer activate concurrently whereas the 3rd layer is activated only after the target has become completely immobilized.

Each blade can only hold one (1) person at a time. If the blade is shattered while a person is sealed within, then the person is forever lost within the swords' dimension. Only the wielder of the weapons can unseal the individual caught within the blades.


  • Ichi-Sō (1st Layer): A chakra draining seal is applied to the target which, as the name implies, drains and disrupts the chakra of the individual to prevent usage of their abilities. The chakra is returned to the wielder of the blade.
  • Ni-Sō (2nd Layer): Tendrils of formulae wrap around the target and restrain and prohibit the individual from moving their limbs.

Known Wielders