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Feb. 5


Gender Male Male




188 cm

Blood type
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Kekkei Genkai


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    Iwagakure Symbol Iwagakure
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Ninja Registration


Academy Grad. Age


Chūnin Prom. Age


Nature Type

Unique Traits

  • Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū
  • Futae no Kiwami
  • Cannibalistic

Ryuumaru was born to Mitoshi Senju and Kuraka Uchiha in a small home within the Uchiha district of Konohagakure. Several months after his birth, his father was slain in a war against the Hyuuga clan. His mother, wracked with grief, fled Konohagakure and hid out in Kirigakure until Ryuumaru grew to the age of seven. Upon his seventh birthday Mitoshi revealed that he had a twin brother, Kobikishi Uchiha, that resided within the Hyuuga compound of a Konohagakure. Over the course of four weeks, Ryuumaru watched his mother grow weak, until finally one day he returned from the market to find her unmoving body on her bed. Having lost both of his parents he sought out the only person left to his life, Kobikishi. One year before Ryuumaru's fleeting to Iwagakure, the man known as Kobikishi, his last remaining blood family member and the only man to raise him, stood before him. As Ryuumaru stuck down Kobikishi Uchiha, he screamed to the moon as his eyes wept blood, forsaking his family for that of power and rage.

Traveling from Konohagakure, he arrived at Iwagakure weak with fever and stumbled through the gates. He awoke within a compound that shed no natural light, only lit by floating orbs of chakra. Peering around him he found three shinobi, two men and a woman, that had nursed his broken body to health. Several days later the four shinobi were seen in the square, each baring a seal on their neck. Ryumaru had become the new leader of his cousin's former group, Boshoku. In place of being a mere member to the group Ryumaru reworked it, executing several former shinobi that had fled their country in hopes of avoiding the ANBU. Though during one of these executions, a man mad with fever had bitten Ryumaru, tearing the flesh of his neck away, devouring it along with the seal.

Alice worked quickly to control the bleeding as Kaizu executed the man, but Ryumaru once more slipped into a feverish state. Awakening three days later, he told Alice he was hungry. While she was away fetching dinner, Ryumaru wound up half devouring the body of a villager they had executed for treason. Alice tested Ryumaru's blood and saliva, finding traces of high grade neurotoxins and heightened senses. Ryumaru now dwells within the Boshoku homes, occasionally bringing home a traveler or criminal for his meal.

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