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Saishinten is the bodily kekkei genkai of the Kimura family. It manifests as a bodily evolution resembling that of one of the world's predators, different in each of its users. Knowledge of this technique is strictly confidential and only those who possess the requirements for the procedure may undergo it. To date, only three shinobi possess this unique skill: Isaribi Kimura, Ukai Kimura, and Dart Terumī.

Isaribi Kimura's Saishinten

Isaribi's evolution manifests in several ways, giving him the appearance of a cartilaginous fish.

  • First, it covers his body in large overlapping denticles which are thick enough to be used as dermal armor.
  • Second, it hightens his senses slightly as well as giving him a sixth sense which allows him to pick up on electromagnetic fields very easily.
  • Third, Isaribi gains several internal bodily features such as a set of aquatic lungs.
  • Fourth, Isaribi's appetite increases drastically so as to provide for his naturally large stature and accompanying chakra pool.
  • Fifth, Isaribi's body naturally is able to secrete a thick oil in order to allow him to shed water more easily.

With this kekkei genkai, Isaribi is able to perform several different techniques which focus on his physical evolution, such as Yuton.

Dart Terumī's Saishinten

Dart's evolution manifests in several ways, giving him the appearance and structure of a Box Jellyfish.

  • First, his skin becomes gelatinous but whole. This transition allows for him to absorb oxygen via osmosis so he doesn't have to breathe underwater.
  • Second, the nematocysts form into his skin causing any contact with his skin to become venomous.
  • Third, his internal organs liquefy in a similar manner to the Hydrification Technique.
  • Fourth, specialized cells that function similar to eyes form into the skin allowing for an unprecedented 360 degree field of vision.
  • Fifth, tentacles sprout from his skin to increase his range of attack. He can actively control the amount created and how long they become.
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