One entrance into the area.

The Salamander Habitat is an area of Amegakure which provides a spacious, deep and mostly dim location for Salamanders to reside. Though they reside all around the floor-level of the lake which Amegakure resides atop, this location is their central gathering area. Boats are usually require for people to enter, if they do not wish to swim.

Central Hall

The Central Hall is within the center of the habitat, and is where the boss of the Salamanders dwells in, Ibuse. A large platform is present in the center, where Ibuse may be able to surface for air and meetings with signers of their contract. Names of signers of the Salamander Contract are engraved upon the walls, and are constantly kept in check by many other smaller salamanders. A faded name represents a deceased signer, while a crossed-out name shows that one has ended their pact with them.

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