Nature Type

Unique Traits

  • Poor eyesight
  • Heightened sense of hearing and sensing.

Salamanders are a species that are native only to the Land of Rain, due to the weather conditions which provide them many lakes and streams to reside in. Many of them reside in the waters of Amegakure, and are loyal to the village due to being provided a spacious area to dwell safely within. They come in various sizes, ranging from being as small as a common lizard, to being as big as a one-story building.


Salamanders are commonly found among streams with clear cool water, and are aquatic and nocturnal. When threatened, these salamanders can excrete a strong-smelling milky substance that has an odor resembling Japanese pepper. They have very poor eyesight, and possesses special sensory cells covering its skin, running from head to toe and termed the lateral line system. These sensory cells host hair-like shapes that detect minute vibrations in the environment, and are quite similar to the hair cells of the human inner ear. This feature makes them great sensors, and is essential for hunting because of their poor eyesight. It feeds mainly on insects, frogs and fish. Salamanders have a very slow metabolism and lacks natural competitors. They are a long-lived species, being able to live for nearly 80 years.

Notable Salamanders

  • Ibuse, the Salamander boss.
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