Sanbi no Tachi

Sanbi no Tachi

Tachi cut





Sanbi no Tachi

Literal English

Long Sword of the Three Tails


Appears in

Game only



  • Hagoromo Gitsune
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Sanbi no Tachi (三尾の太刀, lit. Long Sword of the Three Tails) is a sword used by Hagoromo Gitsune which she stores in her tails. Its true form is merely a sword's handguard and its hilt, while a chain is attached to its pommel. The "blade" is the wind itself, solidifying once Sanbi no Tachi is unsheathed; this "blade of wind" acts like steel once it is solid and physically visible. It is extremely sharp and is rumored to never dull, for the will of the owner keeps it sharpened always. This is Gitsune's weapon when she resorts to using Kenjutsu when fighting.

With the use of the wind, the sharpness of the sword can be enhanced to more than normal when the wielder pours a bit of her chakra on it. The blade can also be extended, be used to shoot air projectiles and even create wind barriers.

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