Sealing Technique: Spiralling Vortex






Fūinjutsu: Rasenkadō

Literal English

Sealing Technique: Spiralling Vortex

English TV

Ninja Art: Swirling Whirlwind


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Anime, Manga and Game



Ninjutsu, Fūinjutsu






All ranges

Hand seals

Rat → Snake → Ox → Ram


  • Kyōya Kaguya
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  • Phantasos
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A frightening sealing technique created by Kyōya originally to be used in conjunction with his specialized seal and capture puppet, Hikari. After forming the necessary handseals, Kyōya makes the necessary motions to open several hinges that hold Hikari's hollow stomach cavity closed. Upon release of those hinges, the stomach cavity swings open, revealing the sealing formula inside the puppet's hollow stomach, the Kanji for "Seal" being in the center of the formula. Upon release, a terrifying tornado breaks out and sucks targets into the centre of the formula, in which they will be sucked into the seal and crushed upon being sealed away. The power of the tornado is simply frightening, already crushing and compacting people/objects the closer they get to the center of the vortex, so that it would be easy for them to fit within Hikari's stomach and ultimately within the seal. Even if one isn't killed or crushed to death upon being sealed inside the formula, there is little to no chance of escaping the seal once one is sealed behind it, unless Kyoya or someone with knowledge of the inner workings of the formula casts the jutsu necessary to release the contents inside the seal. This seal can also be performed without use of a puppet.


The image used is not artwork made by me, but rather a card image for the card "Tornado" from the Japanese release of the video game Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 4.

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