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Secret Technique: Liquid Assimilation Ritual



Hōzuki Symbol Hiden, Ninjutsu, Kinjutsu


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This is more of a ritual than a technique, consisting of numerous steps and not actually requiring much action from the user. When performed successfuly, the Hydrification user who casts it can assimilate a certain amount of a substance inside their body, thus gaining some of the substance's qualities. In the case of blood, it would give them some of the blood's owner's in-born qualities and abilities.


The jutsu formula used in the technique.

After placing the ritual-specific Jutsu formula on the ground, which sterilizes the entire area it envelops, the performer lays inside it and partially liquifies their body. After that they begin to steadily transfuse the desired liquid. A user-specific time intervals, the caster is required to temporarily solidify and then again liquify their body, with this aiming to make the effects permanently embedded into their body. The entire process takes one full day to complete. Depending on the "strength" and quantity of the substance, the user may have to only assimilate a part of its qualities, for else they risk having their body liquid being completely overtaken by the foreign substance. When transfusing blood this is always the case due to its strength and resilience.

This technique is labeled a Kinjutsu due to three reasons:
• In the Hōzuki clan it is considered morally wrong to use their Hiden in order to experiment on oneself.
• The risk of having one's body corrupted by a foreign substance is too big.
• The long time this procedure takes to complete leaves the user in a vulnerable state, which makes him prone to enemy attacks. Should the jutsu formula be damaged, this could result in poluting the user's liquid environment, thus killing them.

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