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Thousand Cherry Blossoms


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Game only



Kekkei Genkai, Kinjutsu, Hiden, Ninjutsu


Nature Icon Crystal Crystal Release




Offensive, Defensive


All ranges


  • Harumaya
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A forbidden technique created by Harumaya to be the ultimate attack and defense. She summons several indestructible pillars of crystal that resemble katanas around herself. Upon uttering the command word, 'Shatter', the pillars explode into an immeasurable amount of crystal blade fragments. While the blades are too small to be seen by the naked eye, they reflect light in such a way as to resemble cherry blossom petals. Harumaya can mentally control the blade fragments, allowing her to surround, envelope, shred, and crush opponents at a distance, break through almost all defenses, while simultaneously protecting herself from any harm, all without giving away her movements. She can use her hands to manipulate the blades, which makes them significantly faster. The blades can be manipulated into various forms and constructs at her mental command, giving her a wide arsenal of attacks with this ability.


Senbonzakura: Anzenkei


Senbonzakura: Anzenkei

Anzenkei (安全景, Safescape): This form causes a multitude of blades to whirl around Harumaya to protect from multi-sided assaults.

Senbonzakura: Gōkei


Senbonzakura: Gōkei

Gōkei (吭景, Mawscape): This form creates a spherical formation of innumerable blade fragments, which swirl around the opponent like a cloud before flying into them from every possible angle, leaving no blind spots and no possibility of escape. It proceeds to collapse in on itself, obliterating the opponent and leaving no trace of evidence.

Senbonzakura: Senkei


Sebonzakura: Senkei

Senkei (殲景, Slaughterscape): This form unites the scattered petals into complete glowing swords, numbering in the thousands, which form four rows. These rows float just above each other, and circle around Harumaya and her opponent in a continuously moving, column-like array. It abandons defense in favor of a concentrated offense. While Harumaya can mentally control these swords, she commonly calls them to her hands for actual melee combat. Senkei seals Harumaya in with her enemy, allowing neither combatant to move very far from each other, though the area is still large enough for maneuverability. The deadliest aspect of the Senkei form is that it allows for use of all the swords at the same attack level, making it a way to effectively defeat an enemy unaware of the danger of the situation. It is extremely rare for Harumaya to use this ability.

  • Ikka Senjinka (一咬 千刃花, One Bite, Thousand Bladed Flower): Harumaya attacks her target with all of her Senkei swords at once.



Woundless Zone

In order to protect herself from her own attack, she possesses a Hurtless Area (無傷圏, Mushōken; lit. "Woundless Zone") where the blades do not cut anything within 3ft of her form unless she herself allows the blades to enter the area. This zone moves as she moves, thus enabling her still to be mobile during this technique.


  • Harumaya is unable to use any other technique while using this ability, only its derivatives and its manipulations.
  • She can be injured by this technique if her focus is completely broken.
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