Sengyō Shōhi





Sengyō Shōhi

Literal English

Specialty Consumption


Sengyō Shōhi (専業消費, Literally meaning "Specialty Consumption") is a selective Kekkei Genkai that enables the user to consume/eat/digest any form of matter regardless of size or shape without causing harm to their stomach, mouth or internal organs. Additionally, it allows for the expert manipulation and control of the digestive system and gastrointestinal tract, bestowing enormous storage and recall capabilities to the exponent.



The range of administered enhancements extend to the various senses associated with appetite and the act of eating. Specifically the senses of smell and taste are emphasised as inhuman, olfaction in particular is shown as being able to discern the physical condition of an individual in addition to the location, even from a considerable distance. This acute form of senses has been determined as integral to the identification of traps that are often concealed and seldom detected, and even enable the to ability to fight in the dark.

Understandably, the user's appetite is considered enormous, with gluttony serving as both their defining characteristic and as their most voracious ailment; satiety perennially eludes them. The user's constitution has been perfectly adapted for consumption, and as such the gastrointestinal tract boasts an exceptionally corrosive stomach acid; equipped with tremendous digestive capabilities, rendering the adverse-effects of ingesting poisons, harmful bacteria and toxins entirely obsolete and void, in addition to minute projectile possibilities. Combining large jaw muscles, a special vaulting, to protect the skull against large forces, and the ability to evert the mouth outward into a extended form, allowing it to become a gaping maw of serrated teeth which consumes anything the user desires, these characteristics provide the subject with a superhumanly powerful bite which can exert a tremendous pressure. 

Jikūkan Ninjutsu

Beyond simple gourmandism, and identified as, perhaps, the source of voracity, the individual houses an inter-dimensional fissure at the opening of the gullet; an entryway to an alternate dimension within the body that exists between realities. Given the mandible's preternatural malleability, this 'void' can expand to engulf anything targeted, drawing the quarry into the rift, with the remaining body employed as simple framework or scaffolding to support the general instability of a tear in the space-time continuum.

Consumption does not equate an immediate demise, rather, the ingested are subject to the whim of the exponent, whom are endowed with two distinct abilities: devour and eject.

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