Chakra Moulding Diagram (Senjutsu)

The three elements of senjutsu chakra.

Senjutsu (仙術; Literally meaning "Sage Techniques") is a specialized field of techniques that allows the user to sense and then gather natural energy. Senjutsu practitioners learn to draw the energy of nature inside of them, blending it with their own chakra. This adds a new dimension of power to the practitioner's chakra, resulting in the creation of "senjutsu chakra" (仙術チャクラ, senjutsu chakura).

Those that can absorb or manipulate senjutsu chakra are known as sages (仙人, sennin). Generally, senjutsu chakra cannot be used by those untrained in senjutsu; those who are enter a form called Sage Mode, increasing their physical parameters for as long as the mode is active. Because of the steep prerequisites of Sage Mode and the risks involved just in learning how to use it, there are other methods:

  • Members of the Jūgo Clan can passively absorb natural energy, mutating their bodies. But because they cannot control the chakra they are creating, they tend to go into berserk rages.
  • Experimentation on the enzyme responsible for these rages are used as the basis of Juinjutsu such as the Cursed Seal of Heaven, which absorb the wielder's chakra and in return feed them senjutsu chakra.

Six Paths Senjutsu

The Six Paths Senjutsu is a heightened form of senjutsu used by those possessing the Six Paths Chakra, who then form it with natural energy. This enables them to enter into the Six Paths Sage Mode, an even higher form of Sage Mode.


  • The word senjutsu (仙術) uses the same hiragana (せんじゅつ) as the Japanese art of scrying (占術), possibly an allusion towards Sages' ability to sense while in Sage Mode.

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