Seeing the need to have a secure place for meetings and training, the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist Headquarters was built by the current generation of the group in an undisclosed location in Kirigakure. Affectionately called "The House of Swords" (剣の家, Ken no Ie) by the swordsmen, it was initially a small compound made via a Mokuton technique styled in ancient Japanese architecture. Each member contributed in putting up the necessary facilities as well as their own personal quarters. Given their desire to keep their business to themselves, they cast a genjutsu over the compound to hide it from the eyes of other people, making it hard to find except for those who are within the organization.

Ever since it was built, the Headquarters is taken care of by trusted attendants led by twin siblings named Kazuo and Kotone. They are also the ones tending to the swordsmen's need whenever they are there.

Kazuo and Kotone

The Headquarters is divided into four sectors, namely:

  • The South Face (南面, Nanmen) - This is where the common areas are located. The living room, dining room, indoor courtyard and koi pond are found in this area and even serves as the entrance to the compound itself. There is even an open terrace that is said to open up to the view of the village nestled within the mist. Guards are stationed at the gates of the compound.
  • The East Wing (東館, Higashitate) - The personal quarters of the Seven Swordsmen are designated in this sector. Each swordsman/woman is assigned to a large living and bedroom hall which they can customize to their own liking; meaning, they can build laboratories, forges, anything they wish to have within their own place. To ensure their privacy, the swordsmen can only open the entrances of their own quarters and not someone else's. If they wish to come inside another member's room, they need to be personally allowed inside by that person.
  • The North Side (北側, Kitagawa) - Probably the most used area of the compound, it serves as the training area of the swordsmen. Sparring halls, meditation rooms and even weapon stock rooms are located here. A small clinic is also set up here just in case the swordsmen need immediate medical attention. The meeting area is also located here.
  • The West Wing (西棟, Nishimune) - Heavily guarded and full of seals and barriers, the west wing is the most inaccessible area within the Headquarters. Despite being the smallest sector, it is the most important area of all. The Swordsmen Treasury is located here and is where the scroll of the Seven Swordsmen Swords is kept. Several tags and seals protect the treasury and it is quite hard to dispel them without the help of the caster.

People with Access to the Headquarters

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