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  • Angra Mainyu
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The Shakujō is a tools wielded by Angra Mainyu, enabling him to channel the powers of the Six Paths through it to increase both the range and potency of many of his techniques. For example, it can pass through a humanoid at will and tear out their soul (Human Path) or the staff itself can be held up so as to increase the range of the Blocking Technique Absorption Seal (Preta Path) or Shinra Tensei (Deva Path). Its head or metal end could upon contact with a physical surface summon forth a creature (Animal Path) or even fire segmented missiles (Asura Path) at a distant foe. Merely wielding it grants the user the ability to draw forth the King of Hell (Naraka Path) from the otherworldly dimension that it resides within.

The Shakujō itself is still a formidable weapon which can be used as a staff to block and parry attacks and the metal rings at the tip could be slammed into an opponent's face to momentarily blind them. At the very tip of the metal finial is a sharp point which can be used to attack weak points of the body. The bottom end of the Shakujō has a metal butt which can be used to thrust and hit an opponent. An opponent's weapons can also be easily deflected.


A khakkhara (Sanskrit: 'Sounding staff', English: monk staff, Japanese: 錫杖, shakujō, Mandarin xīzhàng, literally "tin stick") is a Buddhist ringed staff used primarily in prayer or as a weapon, that originates from India. The jingling of the staff's rings is used to warn small sentient beings (i.e. insects) to move from the carrier's path and avoid being accidentally trodden on. In ancient times it was used also to scare away dangerous animals. Ringing also is used to alert the faithful that there is a monk within earshot in need of alms. In the Sarvāstivāda vinaya the khakkhara is called the “sounding staff” because of the tinkling sound the rings make. Most commonly seen are those with six rings which have also been claimed to represent the six states of existence (humans, animals, hell, hungry ghosts, gods, and asuras).

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