Literal English

Dead Blood Pulse


Appears in

Game only



  • Sensatsu Clan
  • The Cursed Clan

Shiketsumyaku (屍血脈, literally meaning: Dead Blood Pulse) is a Kekkei Genkai which gives its wielder the ability to manipulate blood (be it their own or drawn from their enemies). By infusing blood cells with chakra, they could manipulate the flow of the blood and even turn it into a weapon by taking the form of shurikens, needles, and even blades. This ability is inherited by all members of the Sensatsu Clan, but Sensatsu no Gyururu is the only one who is capable of producing a near infinite volume of blood from her body. She is also capable of manipulating her blood not only in liquid form, but also as gas and solid. Freely changing her blood between the 3 forms at will.

When a few members of the clan branched out and created the Cursed Clan, the descendants of that clan exhibit a different form of Shiketsumyaku. The descendants of the Cursed Clan are normal at birth, but develop strange physical oddities when their Kekkei Genkai awakens (Which is how the clan got its name). These physical deformities usually correspond to the unique traits display by their blood when infused with chakra.

Shiketsumyaku however, was originally a Kekkei Mōra possess by Ōtsutsuki Sensatsu who can not only generate an unlimited amount of blood and manipulate it in any form that he pleases, but also give it unique traits. His most feared ability however, is his ability to copy any Kekkei Genkai (including any advance variant of it) by simply absorbing the blood of its user.

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