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Gender Male Male

Age 22
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Kekkei Genkai

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Unique Traits

  • Inner Gates


Shin was conceived from a Senju prisoner during the original war between the Senju and Uchiha. His mother was tossed aside when Madara's lieutenant found out she was with child. Fearing exile from the Senju clan, his mother hid her pregnancy until it came to term. Once she gave birth to Shin, she was found to have been with an Uchiha and was made an example of, being slain by a high class Mokuton technique to bind her chakra to the land and her soul to the trees. After her death Shin was exiled to the forests where he met a man that seemed ageless, his name was Prolitiaus, and he taught Shin how to be a shinobi, eventually meeting Ryumaru and rebuilding Boshoku with him before stepping away. During his time in Boshoku, Ryumaru was bitten by a man afflicted with an illness that caused him to feast on flesh, during an experiment to cure the illness, Ryumaru bit Shin and tore out his neck. Laying in a pool of blood, Shin saw a pale women kneel beside him and speak in a foreign tongue before he felt a burning sensation in his body. Awakening three weeks later, he had returned as a 'Deava'.

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The First sigil seared into Shin's sternum allows him to wield Dark Release like energy, purging it into his body or anothers through touch.The second sigil, allowing Shin to bind the Dark Release like energy into his jutsu and empower it, enabling it to kill summons with a sustained touch or powerful enough jutsu. The third sigil, allowing shin to manifest the Dark Release like energy into an apparition able to utilize his techniques and move at a high speed, seemingly like a ghost, though it's eyes are a deep black in color. 

Sigil 2

First Sigil

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Second Sigil

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Third Sigil