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[COPIED]South of the mainland of Sunagakure no Sato stands a lone island wrapped in the warm embrace of the ocean. Vast with lush forests, rocky peaks, and deep valleys; There on the Eastern beaches, wrapped by craggy cliffs stands the Shinobi Kingdom; A country written with rich history and dedication to the glory, honor, and virtue.

Over the Capital of the Kingdom, on top of the highest tower of the majestic Palace of the Waves proudly waves a flag. A white lion outlined in silver on a field of dark blue - the White Lion of Shinobi Kingdom. The buildings of Capital are largely built from wood, with half-round tiles that cover their curved roofs. This is a major port city, one of the most important centers of trade in the nations. The city, built right against the Ocean, has three sides surrounded by walls and the ocean itself on the Eastern side.

Beyond the defensive grasp of the Shinobi Kingdom's stone walls lies several small villages and townships; Keeping a watchful eye upon these are several defensive outposts that keep the leadership informed of current situations across the land. Within moments of receiving word of threat, the military might of the Kingdom can be mobilized and deployed.

Behind the castle itself is a large garden laid out for the enjoyment of the residents which includes a mysterious hedge mage.

Official List of Shinobi Kingdom Kings

Name Village Status
Der Kaizer Aceman Kirigakure Retired
Suishou Asadi Sunagakure Active

[This is a work in progress with more information to come.]

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