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Shinto Art: Five Layered Barrier






Shintōbijutsu: Go-sō Shōheki

Literal English

Shinto Art: Five Layered Barrier

English TV

Shinto Style: Five-Layer Barrier


Appears in

Game only



Barrier Ninjutsu, Fūinjutsu, Ninjutsu




Defensive, Supplementary


Short to Mid range


  • Reiha Amekaze
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This is one of the numerous techniques taught to the priests and priestesses in Kumogakure wherein they combine fūinjutsu with barriers; this also utilizes the branded "evil-sensing" seal branded onto them during their training. The user holds out their hand which was tattooed and the kanji for "seal"(封, fūin) immediately appears on their palm, then they quickly proceed to close their hand into a fist which would trigger the formation of the barrier. Five rectangular barriers would encase the target from all sides, including the bottom, one layer over the other, totaling in five. These barriers would be hard to break for they are said to be reinforced by the caster's chakra and will. Should the target try breaking through the barrier, they would be electrified and the "seal" kanji would briefly appear on the surface of their rectangular cage before fading again. Only when the user wills away the barrier shall it dissolve and disappear.

Casting this technique is said to be difficult to cast that at first, the barriers constructed are brittle and can be easily broken. However, with dedicated training, the practitioner can overcome their shortcomings and master said technique.

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