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Sound Five

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(音隠れの忍五人衆, Otogakure no Shinobi Gonin Shū; Literally meaning "Hidden Sound Shinobi Five People")

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The Sound Five are the Otokage's elite bodyguards specially chosen for such task. Being selected deems quite an honorary title within Otogakure. The members are each given a customary cursed seal as initiation to the squad. The once fearsome five occupied the group renaming it to the Sound Five though upon the downfall of Kimimaro Kaguya the group was reverted to the Sound Four. The customary Sound Five robe is given to each nin as well as a specified sealing tattoo upon their inner wrist; being a certain direction. When in a group the members are known to take into a diamond formation based upon which direction they have been sealed upon. Over time the squad has been given many privileges in acquiring certain hidden techniques and weapons only to be entrusted within the group. Having such a high standard the members of the group are inducted until death, showing such a loyalty to be positioned as one of the Sound Five. Upon recent changes the team has been renown to the Sound Five.


Member Status Position Cursed Seal Musical Instrument
Kimimaro Kaguya Deceased Former Leader Earth Bone Flute
Zekkō Zō Inactive Former Leader Sages Ocarina
Kurōn Yasei Unknown Former Leader Sage Transformation


Vex Active Former Leader Blood Bansuri
Tsuji Nakoto Active Current Leader Divinity Koto
Mikoto Hyūga Inactive North Doki Sage Mode Demonic Flute/Voice
Koume Active West N/A N/A
N/A N/A South N/A N/A


The Sound Five have proven themselves to be tough shinobi within Otogakure for being appointed such position as to protect the kage. They have been known to be well specialized in the tactics of teamwork to get their job done quite precisely in which makes them deadly in numbers; 5. As side from their natural sheer prowess they each hone a different unique Cursed Seal within them granting them extraordinaire powers to that of which they already have. Each member has the ability to summon forth a different gate of Rashōmōn in which the ultimate defense would be all 4 summoning the gates simultaneously, something they are prepared to utilize when necessary. The members of the group have been expertly trained in the use of sealing and barrier techniques shown with their knowledge of executing the Four Violet Flames Battle Encampment as well as being able to utilize Barrier Encampment Method. Being dubbed the Sound Five each nin has expertly been trained in the utilization of Sound Release, an attribute to Otogakure. Having such ability the sound has taken on a new method of attacks basing their intricate manipulation of sound waves through custom musical instruments.