Sound Release

Sound Release






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Sound Release



Sound Release (音遁, Ototon; Viz "Melody Style") involves the creation and manipulation of sound waves in order to produce either an adverse effect on the opponent, or a beneficial one on the user. By utilizing their chakra, the user may alter the frequency of sound waves to the point different lengths can induce different effects, Due to its lack of physical substance, Ototon is more of a supplementary and offensive release, effective at short to medium range.

This unique Chakra Nature is selectively brought down through the Ancestors of Otogakure. Most users of the Ototon begin with a weapon/musical instrument that had been brought down through generations of the family's existence.

Decapitating Air Wave

Zaku Releasing Ototon, through his palms.

More experienced users are able to release the Ototon, through their mouths; this having a more deadly effect on their opponent. The users of these techniques have grown very accustomed to the noises in which their own Ototon will not effect them.
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