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(霊的トーテム, Reiteki Tōtemu)




"Shinigami" is not in the list of possible values (Allied Shinobi Forces, Akatsuki, Root) for this property.

Uzumaki Symbol Uzumaki Clan

Nature Type


  • Keitō Uzumaki

Mostly wooden constructions, these spiritual totems harness divided powers granted by the Shinigami; each resembling a menacing demonic face. The user may summon forth these totems whenever they please and are able to summon them based on sheer will and connection with the God of Death. The totems most notably grant access to 4 nature elements; Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind. Aside from their elemental aspect, summoners may also spawn forth various other totemic statues; such as an chakra absorption totem, acting as an ultimate shield and being used purely to take and absorb powerful attacks for the user and promptly being destroyed upon use. As well as stat enhancing totems of the like.


Blocking Absorption Totem

There is indeed a limit in to how many totems may be summoned at once; a summoner is known as an expert, being able to spawn and operate 4 separate totems at a time. The totems themselves are not comprised of the user's chakra, rather the Shinigami's; granting them much more divine usage. Through mental commands is how the user commands the totems to preform the various techniques they can. If a user is skilled in the specific element of the totem, they may then use the totem to carry out techniques they personally know to a great extent; causing the totems to carry out their techniques instead of them. Although, these totems do not have an endless supply of energy; typically being used, timely. Or as Keitō enjoys to use them; for techniques that would most likely harm himself in the making. Allowing him to keep a distance as well as provide a much more destructive attack than doing it himself. Most notably making them a one time use.

The totems were created to aide the Shinigami's host's as well as provide a means for the summoner to use last chakra than normal when in combat. Though they are still taxing in their own. One cannot constantly keep spamming these totems for they were never created for such use. That is why the limit for most expert users, is 4 totems at once. It takes great chakra control to be able to manipulate each 4, let alone preform 4 summoning techniques to spawn forth the totems. Successive use of these totems is indeed, highly taxing and shouldn't be abused. When used correctly, their powers can be greatly appreciated in combat. The longer the totem is meant to exist, the more chakra used to summon it. Meaning a summoner should get the most out of their totems before they expire as there is no refund system.

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