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Steel Release: Chains of Kōfuku-ji





Kōfuku-ji no Kusari

Literal English

Chains of Kōfuku-ji



Nature Icon Steel Kekkei Genkai, Ninjutsu, Barrier Ninjutsu


Nature Icon Steel Steel Release


Defensive, Supplementary


Short to Mid range

Other jutsu


  • Kyoko Sakura
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A personalized variant of the Uzumaki's Chakra Chains, created by Kyoko. These chains bear not only the binding properties of it's parent technique, but also serves as a flexible barrier to protect herself or ensnare and bind opponents. These chains are very much stronger as well, being a product of the Steel Release. They may be spawned forth from steel constructs near Kyoko, or from her own body.

The design of this technique consists of many red, linked, diamond-shaped chains. Each bear the kanji 封印 (Fūin, literally meaning "seal").

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