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Steel Release: Serpentine Beast of Gojū-no-tō





Kōton: Gojū-no-tō no Jataikemono

Literal English

Steel Release: Serpentine Beast of the Five-storied Pagoda



Nature Icon Steel Kekkei Genkai, Ninjutsu


Nature Icon Steel Steel Release


Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary


All ranges


  • Kyoko Sakura
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A jutsu of Kyoko's creation, which spawns a enormous version of her segmenting-spear. It's total length is variable, as it can become longer if needed. Though it's base length is usually 60 meters. This gargantuan spear can be used for offensive purposes, or restrictive use on large opponents and/or their summons. Due to it being entirely made from the steel of Steel Release, it is very dense and hard to break apart in comparison to normal steel. The large blade at the tip can stay either closed for piercing, or can open up into two for other uses.

Like Kyoko's segmenting-spears, this large spear can be manipulated to grow longer or break apart more segments of itself, in order to navigate and slither around narrower spaces. And from it, more steel can be produced for use of other Steel Release techniques.

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