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  • Crystal Lion
  • Demon of the West



Gender Male Male



Kekkei Genkai


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    Wanders Sanctum
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    Sunagakure no Sato
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    Iwagakure no Sato




Nature Type


  • General General Techniques

Nature Icon Earth Earth Release Techniques
Earth Release: Dirt Wad Formation
Earth Release: Ground Thorns
Earth Release: Double Suicide Decapitation Technique
Earth Release: Crack
Earth Release: Underground Fish Projection Technique
Earth Release: Earth-Land Deflection
Earth Release: Armor of Earth
Earth Release: Stone Armour
Earth Release: Terra Musica
Earth Clone Technique
Earth Release: Steel Solid
Earth Release: Rock Attack
Earth Release: Speed Pillars
Earth Release: Rock Fissure
Earth Release: Mud Bomb
Earth Release: Rock Fist
Earth Type: Underground Masked Attack
Earth Release: Earth Flowing River
Earth Release: Weapons of the Rising Earth
Earth Release: Ground Vibration Tracking
Earth Release: Call of Chains
Earth Release: Split Earth Turn Around Palm
Earth Release: Barrier Keeper
Earth Release: Earth Cage Technique
Earth Release: Rock Slide
Earth Release: Rock Drill
Earth Release: Magnitude
Earth Release: Gaia Hammer
Earth Release: Earth Spear
Earth Release: Earth Mirrors
Earth Release: Earth Dragon Missile
Earth Release: Earth Slide Wall
Earth Dragon Technique
Earth Release: Rock Bombardment
Earth Release: Crushing Walls
Earth Release Resurrection Technique: Corpse Soil

Nature Icon Water Water Release Techniques
Underwater Breathing Technique
Water Release: Cleanse
Water Release: Air Bubble
Water Release: Water Trick
Water Release: Poseidon’s Anger
Water Release: Sight
Seal Creator
Hidden Mist Technique
Iron Sand
Mist Body Flicker Technique
Water Clone Technique
Water Body Flicker Technique
Water Release: Black Rain Technique
Water Release: Wave Impact Technique
Water Release: Water Animal Creation
Water Release: Violent Water Wave
Water Release: Wave Thrust
Water Release: Pressure Orb
Water Release: Whip of Water
Water Release: Bullet
Water Release: Water Camouflage
Water Absorption
Water Release: Rain Summoning technique
Water Release: Rhapsody of Water
Water Release: Water Blast
Water Release: Water Manipulation Technique
Water Release: Water Fang Bullet
Water Release: Water Wall
Water Release: Water Prison Technique
Water Release: Whirlpool Vortex Technique
Water Release: Water Dragon Bite
Water Release: Water Drill
Water Release: Wave Rider
Water Release: Rising Water Cutter
Water Attack Strong Current Torrential Rain
Water Release: Water Divining
Water Release: Great Explosion Technique
Water Release: Great Waterfall Technique
Water Release: Five Eating Sharks
Water Release: Water Columns
Water Release: Water Barricade
Water Release: Water Shark Blast Technique
Water Release: Water Dragon Blast Technique
Water Release: Rising Geyser
Water Release: Hydro Pump
Chakra Detecting Rain
Wind Release: Wind Pressure Impediment

Demonic Illusion: Burning Paper Body
Demonic Illusion: Mirror Heaven and Earth Change
Demonic Illusion: Shackling Stakes Technique
Susanoo Genjutsu
Blaze Release Magatama
Shield of Black Flames
Yasaka Magatama


[COPIED]Suishou Asadi is the Nidaime King of the Shinobi Kingdom.

Asadi's father was of the Uchiha Clan, while his mother was of the Suishou, and raised in the land of Iwagakure no Sato. This clan was possessed of a unique bloodline given the propensity for Crystal Release and doton users. They were a clan raised by the 'old gods' and as this was a time before the rise of the great nations, the young Asadi went out into the world to learn on his own. Wild and unrestrained, he became a hell raiser in the land of Iwa wielding his proficiency in doton. The villages of the region termed him the "Demon of the West" and united to drive him from the land into that of Konoha. This migration would take many a long journey to complete.

It was during his travels after being ex-pulsed from Iwa that he first encountered a young woman by the name of Kayenta Moenkopi who was traveling with a caravan at the time. Having spent one night with the woman, whose name he did not learn, he moved on toward Fire Country. Eventually, he came into contact with a warrior named Evoth and went on many adventures together. Evoth, always being the serious one, was dragged into many misadventures due to the capricious nature of Asadi. On one such adventure, while raising a slave camp, he rescued a young Nara girl by the name of Krisnys.

Eventually, his travels did lead him to Konoha and he was taken in by the Nara Clan. These years were full of trial and error but eventually, he became close knit with the Nara. They saw fit to name him as a retainer and taught him the techniques of the clan, inviting him into the fold. He learned their strategies and the world of the Leaf. It was at about that time the clans began to rise. After being joined with the Nara, he brought Krisnys to the clan so she could be reunited with her people.

While in the Leaf he met and married his first wife, Megumi. She was barren, so they had no children. Megumi had been a priestess ordained to the order of dragon worshipers; Asadi, with his charm, managed to cull her from the order and become his wife.

It wasn't long after this that he joined the Shinobi Kingdom. A simple villager, he quickly became a knight. And through his charm, initiative, and skill, caught the eye of the King; Aceman. Aceman brought him into the inner fold of the Kingdom. Soon he was bombarded with secrets far beyond himself. This included the Demon Lord Kaizer and the world of demons and vampires. Asadi, while on a mission to gather info, was flung into the world of politics. A Daimyo that he was to meet, had jailed his daughter for not wanting to marry and make an alliance between a warring state.

Asadi saved her, the Lady Rose, and feeling pity for the junior woman and a tug at his heart, he adopted her as his daughter. Rose, Megumi, and Asadi were happy for a time.

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