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Oni (鬼, Oni)




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Demon Realm
Nature Type


Some Oni, in an attempt to gain a foothold in, or even visit, the Living World, will form and sign contracts with humans, offering their services to the human in exchange for the escape from Demon Realm. While doing so does give them the ability to transverse the Living World, it does not circumvent the Kekkei Barrier around Demon Realm, making A-class and above demons impossible to summon.


Although rare, humans have been known to strike bargains or form contracts with Oni, allowing them to summon their companions from the demonic planes to assist them.


Six demons, brothers after death. The grief and anger caused by their unwanted deaths made their souls manifest in new demonic bodies, ready for revange against human kind. Akatami inherited the scroll from the Old Lady in Otogakure, and signed a contract with the demonic brothers, Ka-ki , Sui-Ki , Fuu-Ki , Ongyo-Ki , Kin-Ki  and Shiki-Ouji.


Usotsuki is also a summoner of Oni, although appears to wield an entirely different set. She embodies four of the Seven Cardinal Sins to the point that four Oni, who each reflect one of these sins, follow her command in servitude. They are collectively referred to as the "Four Sinners" by Usotsuki. With her as their link to the human world, they are able to indulge in their preferred sin when given freedom from her side. Though she has a summoning contract with them, they have the peculiar trait of always hovering around her as souls; it is supposed that if Usotsuki were to die, they would each take a piece of her rotten soul and are awaiting their chance. Otherwise, she serves a purpose of granting them the ability to visit the human realm, for without her they would be cast back into their realm. In their soul form, no one other than Usotsuki can view them, which take the shape of spherical, blue, translucent fire-like entities. A blood offering must still be made to the inside of a scroll that holds each designated title for them, which will give them physical form. Usotsuki is limited to one summoning at any given time.


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傲慢- Gōman

UsotsukiOniPride-demon sketch by apeirondiesirae-Deviantart

Demon Sketch by apeirondiesirae on Deviantart

The oni of Pride.

羨望- Senbō


Artist Kevin Cassidy- Saurian Reptoid on Artstation

The oni of Envy.

肉欲- Nikuyoku

Usotsuki OniLust-anna-paradnik-asian-demon-Artstation

Artist Anna Paradnik- Asian Demon on Artstation

The oni of Lust.

物欲- Butsuyoku

UsotsukiOniGreed- UnknownArtsist-Pinterest

Unknown Artist- Snake Creature on Pinerest

The oni of Greed.

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