Hospital front.

[COPIED]A larger, more prominent building of Sunagakure that stands higher than most, the Suna Medical Center is where citizens and shinobi can be treated for more serious injuries, as well as check in for extended periods of time for more personal attention from trained staff. It is located adjecent to the local Greenhouse as the center recieves much of it's freshly prepared medicines from there. Much like the rest of the buildings in Suna, the Medical Center is composed out of reinforced sand, concrete, and other various sturdy materials; it can even withstand a wide magnitude of earthquakes and tremors. In addition to standard hospital rooms, emergency rooms, and operation facilities, there is also a wing for unique treatments like poisons, seals, and other special needs.

This specific medical center is renowned for it's specialties in poison extraction and prosthetic bodily alterations.

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