Kenjutsu Academy

Kenjutsu Dojang within the Sunagakure Academy.

[COPIED]The Sunagakure Ninja Academy, also known as Kodou Jigabachi (Way of the Wasp) has stood in its current location since the founding of Sunagakure . Over the years, as each new crop of Academy students passed through its doors, graduates left to fill the ranks of the village's warriors. Traditions were passes down through the generations and loyalties formed between classmates as well as for the village. The place boasted training grounds where the shinobi and the village could come even after graduating to hone their skills or pass down their knowledge to the students. Today, as every day, the grounds were busy. This area of the village contains the academy, training grounds, testing arena and sparing zones. Training is often conducted on The Sand Seas .

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