Takama-ga-hara (高天原; Literally meaning "the Plain of High Heaven") is a dome-like sanctuary deep under the lake of Amegakure, created by the Fourth Amekage as a place of retreat and meditation for himself and other certain individuals that are allowed entrance into it. Measuring at one hundred meters in diameter, it is supported from collapse by a combination of reinforced earth, rock and wood from the effects of senjutsu chakra. Entrance into it is granted by a concealed door within the Tower of Pain's armory, which would lead to a swirling long flight of wooden stairs. Although, there is enough room in the middle of the stairs for one to easily jump down or leap their way upwards.


The structure within is illuminated by a golden light, which radiates from a large tree that has been adapted to absorb and store natural energy. This, along with sentience being breathed into it, has given the tree certain special properties. One of which is it's glowing golden state which is given off not only by it's main body, but also by it's roots as well, which outstretches to the edges of the dome and stand even further to help in support it. Branches that are cut off from the tree are able to regrow into a smaller tree if re-planted quick enough. These smaller trees do not glow, but they do absorb natural energy like it's parent. Around the golden tree is a small pond, which expands ten meters in radius from it. Five meters from the radius of the tree are eight separate stumps within the tree's pond which can be used as a pad for sitting or meditation.

Another part of the golden tree's sentience allows it to differentiate between individuals, which can also help serve as a sort of security if needed. When an un-permitted and unaccompanied intruder enters, the tree's roots begin to quickly grow into the form of hands, which then seek out to grasp at and drain their chakra. They will continue to do so even up the flight of stairs until the intruder(s) are back to ground level.

The Permitted


  • Takama-ga-hara in Shinto is the dwelling place of the kami, connected to Earth by the Ama-no uki-hashi (the "Floating Bridge of Heaven").
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