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The Takeda Clan (無情な戦略家, Takeda Ichizoku) was one of the prominent clans of the Land of Iron before relocating to Sunagakure. It is documented that they are distant relatives with the Uchiha Clan though this document has been lost to history.

The clan's kanji is written with the symbols "無情な戦略家", which literally translates to "Heartless Strategists".


The Takeda originated from the Land of Iron around the same time Sunagakure was founded, they were originally positioned in a fief called Kai. The Takeda began as freelance strategists whose services quickly led to their exile, in fear of their intelligence. They were known for being ruthless and having little regard for their soldiers (or 'pawns' as they called them) hence the kanji.

Following their exile from the Land of Iron, they relocated to The Land of Snow, some travelled afar, and others simply tried to raise armies to conquer the Land of Iron.. However, these efforts were in vain.

Over time, the Takeda family and its retainers became idle, the cold was too much, Yukigakure no Sato no longer respected their genius, and the reigning Uesugi clan of the area began to form a rivalry with Takeda. They clashed several times yearly at a plain known as Kawanakajima, which almost always led to a stalemate. After the Takeda's supply of salt was stolen by a group of bandits, the leader of Uesugi, Kenshin gifted them with a large supply of salt, stating they fought with swords instead.


Following the decline of the Uesugi clan, there were very few left to interest Takeda, and hearing rumors of the great shinobi nation of Sunagakure, they relocated there. However, during the trek, they were ambushed by a local clan, who had intelligently set up a small crevice filled with wooden barracades and archers, this would signal the near-end of the Takeda.


Although not quite on par with the Uchiha Clan itself as their bodies lack the seemingly endless chakra capacity found in the Uchiha, decendents of the clan are still born with an amazing amount of chakra as well as increadible intelligence. They are recognized to be very gifted with utilizing Sensory techniques, Kyujutsu, Kenjutsu and Ninjutsu.


  • Takeda and Uesugi were real life clans during the Sengoku Era of Japan.
  • Kai-Shinano was the fiefdom under control of the Takeda.
  • The reason why Takeda was chosen to be intelligent is because the real life Takeda Shingen was said to be one of the greatest strategists of all time before his death.
  • The incident with the salt was a real thing. Hojo took the Takeda's supply of salt, and Uesugi stated "We fight with swords, not salt" and gifted them with some his supply.
  • The decline of the Takeda mirrors the events of Nagashino.
  • Kawanakajima was a real life plain, and Uesugi/Takeda clashed there quite often, the most infamous was the fourth battle. These fights often always resulted in a stalemate.
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